About Creme Allure of Commack

At Creme Allure, our philosophy is to offer our customers the best quality unique gift baskets on Long Island and the finest ingredients available to create the perfect indulgent experience. We use only the best cream, richest chocolate, highest quality fruits, liqueurs, nuts and natural flavorings available for our Long Island gourmet desserts. Most products are gluten-free.

Gourmet ice cream truffles | Creme Allure

Creme Allure Owner, Jo Ann Linden, was tired of sending the same cut fruit basket that goes bad in two days or overly decorated and boring tasting cookie baskets. Finally she came up with a different unique gift basket in Long Island that would last.

Who doesn’t love ice cream and gourmet desserts in Long Island? Creme Allure Gourmet Ice Cream Truffles, Sorbets and Gelato Truffles make a perfect and unique gift basket on Long Island for everyone. Although your friends and family will want to enjoy their frozen gourmet treats the moment they receive them, the Creme Allure gift will remain fresh for months in your freezer. Finally an edible gift that lasts!

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  • Chocolate Mud Pie Gelato Truffle
    Chocolate Mud Pie Gelato Truffle
    Bite Size Amaretto Truffle
    Bite Size Amaretto Truffle
    White Chocolate & Raspberry Truffle
    White Chocolate & Raspberry Truffle
  • Bite Size Black Cherry Truffle
    Bite Size Black Cherry Truffle
    Lemon Sorbet
    Bite Size Vanilla Truffle
    Bite Size Vanilla Truffle
  • Tartufo
    Tartufo Truffle
    Bite Size Mocha Truffle
    Bite Size Mocha Truffle
    Pineapple Truffle
  • Tuxedo
    Tuxedo Pops
    Espresso Truffle
    Individually Wrapped Truffles
    Individually Wrapped Truffles

Choose from:

  • Gift Baskets
    • Ice Cream Truffle, Sorbets and Gelato Truffle Baskets
  • Ice Cream Sundae Baskets filled with a variety of toppings and ice cream
  • Elegant Party Platters of bite-size ice cream truffles—Choose from a variety of sizes
  • A La Carte ice cream truffles, gourmet sorbets and gelato truffles are available individually
  • Exquisite Chocolates, Gourmet Candy and more!

Come in and indulge yourself with a sample taste of our gourmet desserts in Long Island today. We look forward to meeting you!