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About Us

Cool Treats That Warm Hearts

When Crème Allure owner, Jo Ann Linden grew tired of sending the same old cut fruit baskets that spoil in a matter of days, or the overly decorated and boring tasting cookie baskets, she decided to create a unique gift that would not only last, but taste delicious. It was from this, that Crème Allure was created; offering customers on Long Island and beyond, tasty ice cream gifts and other gourmet treats that promise to last…not that you’ll want to wait to eat them! After all, who doesn’t love ice cream and gourmet desserts?

Crème Allure offers their signature gourmet ice cream and gelato truffles, in addition to refreshing sorbets, Ice cream sundae gifts, decadent ice cream cakes  and other delectable desserts perfect for any occasion. Customers can purchase assorted ice cream truffle platters and special occasion baskets, or completely customized gifts. All of our products contain only the finest ingredients, using the best cream, richest chocolate, highest quality fruits, liqueurs, nuts and natural flavorings available creating the perfect indulgent experience.

Our signature gourmet ice cream truffles and other decadent desserts are the perfect treat for everyone. Our products are able for often same day delivery throughout Long Island or shipped to over 30 states and still expanding.